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Ted Friehling

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Ted Friehling

     Ted has been writing songs and performing in bands since he was a kid growing up in Brooklyn. He comes from a musical family. His mother played saxophone in bands in the forties, his grandfather was a drummer and all his uncles played horns. He started his career playing saxophone at weddings and Bar Mitzvahs and then went on to rock and roll. During college he played with the Townsmen in the catskills and at colleges around New York City. Playing all-original music, the band gained the attention of Apple Records. Friehling had to make a choice between pursuing music full-time and following his other childhood dream of becoming a physician.

     Although he gave up the record deal in favor of medical school, he never stopped playing or writing songs, deriving inspiration from having attended the original Woodstock Festival. Friehling says, "I've grown as a musician by listening carefully to all kinds of music, including the great blues players, Muddy Waters, Robert Johnson, Albert King, B.B. King, also Clapton and Hendrix. I also learn from listening to music from all parts of the world."

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